Save Company Time and Money

Your employees no longer have to spend their time and energy figuring out solutions to questions that already have an effective solution available. Lumin Synergy easily identifies and communicates the best way of accomplishing common tasks throughout your organization, so that your employees can spend their time on accomplishing the task instead of trying to figure out how to accomplish it. This creates a more productive work environment, and saves your company both time and money.

  • All contributions are voted on and rated, effectively identifying best practices
  • Best answers and practices are clearly displayed for future users with similar questions
  • Increases organization's effectiveness and productivity

Utilize Your Employee's Collective Knowledge

What if you have a sales manager who is looking for an effective incentive program, but the individual within your organization who has come up with the most effective program is in another location? Allow Lumin Synergy to connect all of your employees, regardless of their location, time zone, or what shift they work so they can receive and contribute the best practices for any task within your organization. This will allow your entire organization to quickly recognize and communicate the best information including task-specific questions, management techniques, information on company events and all the other inquiries that pop up during a professional's workday.

  • Allows the most effective solutions to be communicated quickly and clearly
  • Provides a central knowledge base accessible to all employees
  • Ability for employees to communicate answers using video, photos, and supporting documents

Effective Knowledge Management

Lumin Synergy gives you the ability to create closed collaboration environments within your organization where specific departments, job levels or work groups can exchange solutions in a confidential setting with their peers. The system is built to give you the maximum flexibility, while protecting important information that is vital to the success of your organization.

  • Identify users by position, department, and work groups
  • Create closed collaboration environments within your organization
  • Users can view collaboration data only relevant to their specific needs or privileges

Employees Easily Identify and Communicate with Knowledgeable Peers

Lumin Synergy allows your employees to recognize the best associates to ask about particular subjects or tasks when questions arise. With the ability to identify experts within the organization who are knowledgeable in specific areas, your employees can effectively contact those individuals who will be able to help them best do their own job or is the most qualified to fill an open position.

  • Browse employees by fields of expertise
  • View each expert's contributions to the community and contact information
  • Ask relevant and knowledgeable experts direct questions
  • Showcase valuable employees throughout your organization

Recognize and Reward Valuable Employees

All of your contributing employees will be effectively recognized and ranked for their contributions to their associates' questions. This allows the organization to easily identify who is making valuable contributions and in what topics they are knowledgeable in.

  • Contributions valued through points and votes
  • Highlight and recognize top contributors throughout your organization
  • Search and find relevant experts in any topic
  • Allows for reward based employee incentive programs
Save time and resources
through automation
Improve your customer's
overall service experience
Effectively evaluate your
staff's performance

Not an enterprise level client?

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