Facilitates Natural and Valuable User Engagement

Engage your visitors in a way that is both helpful to them and creates value for you. Asking a question is one of the foundational forms of communication as visitors are looking for information, considering the purchase of a product, or needing some sort of support. Lumin Answers' Q&A platform provides all the tools to facilitate this interaction to get your visitors quick and quality answers, while having that content and interaction bring you value through new traffic, visitors, and sales.

Attracts New Search Engine Traffic

Having a Q&A platform on your site is extremely effective in attracting new visitors to your website. Each question asked generates a new page on your system that has Search Engine Optimized page titles, URLs, and descriptions. Since people with similar issues use search engines to find solutions, your content will show up in the search results and bring new visitors to your site. These users either find the answer to their question, or can ask their own question into the system which in turn draws more traffic to your site. The system therefor benefits your current visitors while also attracting new visitors to your site's content, products or services.

Customization and Integration

Lumin Answers provides tools to customize the look of your Q&A system and integrate seamlessly with your current website. You can use the customization tools to adjust the look of your site, where you can even add your own CSS for maximum control. Widget builders allow you to easily integrate Q&A into your existing site, and single sign-on authentication makes sure your users have a seamless login experience. For enterprise level clients, we also offer custom development of new features through our enterprise Q&A software.

Proven Performance and Scalability

Our system is built to manage any size Q&A community, from startups to enterprise. As your site's activity grows, you can be confident that the platform is built to serve even the largest online communities, so your system's performance will stay speedy and you'll have all the functionality necessary to effectively manage that growth. Be confident that you can grow your Q&A site being served by one of the most trusted names in social media.

Service and Support

Lumin Answers' service and support team has years of experience, helping manage Q&A platforms for some of the most well trafficked websites on the internet. The sites are proactively managed and monitored as if they were our own, making sure everything continues running smoothly. This level of service and support helps ensure that both you and your users have a positive experience while using the system.