What is Lumin Answers?

Lumin Creative's Answers Software provides a fully customized question & answer system for your existing website, giving your users a valuable and useful tool and also effectively drives new traffic to your services (HitWise Report shows Q&A Systems experiencing 889% growth over a two year period) . We integrate our software seamlessly into your website, allowing you to provide a new valuable service quickly.

Seamless Integration

Lumin Creative works within the design and development requirements of your current website and with your user base, allowing you to provide a new service that is seamlessly integrated with your existing presence.

  • Complete graphics and layout customization
  • Single sign in user authentication
  • Functionality integration through widgets and API

Administration & Moderation

Lumin Creative provides you with administrative tools so that you can monitor and maintain system users and content. We also give the ability to view detailed reports on the system's activity.

  • Effectively monitor and edit system content
  • Detailed reporting on content and user activity
  • Moderator assignment and management

Contributing Expert Rankings

Experts are effectively recognized and ranked, allowing you and other system users to recognize who is making valuable contributions and in what areas they are knowledgeable.

  • Expert contributions are voted on and ranked
  • Search and find relevant experts in any topic
  • Reward based incentive programs available

Widgets & Widget Builders

We have a number of widgets and widget tools available, allowing you and your users to grow your system's usage virally. It also allows you to integrate system functionality easily within other portions of your website.

  • Allow your users to build their own widgets
  • Distribute your content and functionality virally
  • Draws more users and content to your system


Not an enterprise level client?

We provide a very powerful and economical Q&A platform through Answerbase.com that you can launch all on your own in just minutes! In order to effectively service clients who may not be large enough to justify an enterprise level solution, we've recently launched Answerbase that provides a powerful Q&A system for websites and blogs at all levels.

Visit Answerbase.com for more information on this product and how you can get your own Q&A site today.