Frequent Questions Answered Automatically

The support platform is built so that your company is able to save time, money and resources by reducing the amount of duplicated work involved with answering common questions. Our technology recognizes frequently asked questions and displays the available answers to users immediately, so their issues are addressed automatically without a support representative having to get involved.

New Questions Answered Effectively

Questions that are new to the system are distributed to relevant support staff so they can handle the issue effectively. With the ability to select from available standard response templates, search existing FAQs, or write a new response if the question is unique, your staff is able to most effectively address all support tickets that get submitted by your customers in a timely manner.

Dynamically Growing List of FAQs

After every new question is answered, your staff has the ability to publish a comprehensive answer to the public website which will effectively address the issue for anyone who has the same question in the future. This allows you to continuously grow your database of frequently asked questions, saving your organization a significant amount of time and resources by having common questions answered once.

System Saves Time and Resources through Automation

As your customers look to submit a new inquiry, our system detects what they are asking and then looks through your existing FAQs to see if a solution is available. By presenting your clients with answers immediately, your team doesn't have to address the same issue multiple times which reduces inquiries.

  • Reduces the number of new inquiries submitted, saving time and resources
  • AJAX enhanced automated search technologies to find relevant solutions
  • Automated answers further refined by category selection and keywords

Easily Create and Manage Useful FAQs

New inquiries submitted into the system can be easily published as a new FAQ on your public website. This allows you to build a dynamic FAQ database, based on actual questions that get asked by your customers. Through time, your FAQs are able to identify and resolve most inquiries from your customers automatically.

  • Spawn new FAQs from submitted inquiries or create new FAQs of your own
  • Scheduled reviews of FAQs to make sure all information is up-to-date
  • Effectively categorize FAQs with both internal and public terminologies

Capture Customer Feedback on Quality of Responses and FAQs

Receive feedback from your customers on the quality of your representative's inquiry responses as well as published FAQs. Your customers are able to vote on the responses they get to their inquiries as well as the FAQs posted on your website, giving you valuable feedback and helping to ensure quality.

  • Customers can submit comments on the effectiveness of published FAQs
  • Ability to vote "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" to rate FAQ quality
  • Inquiry responses rated and reported on, either individually or collectively