System Features

We encourage you to browse our available features below, and feel free to contact us to view a demo of the system and see all the features in action as well as discuss how we can help serve the needs of your community.

Intuitive User Interface

Lumin Support works within all of your design standards while providing an easy-to-use navigational and working experience for your users.

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Frequent Questions Answered Automatically

Each user is able to ask their specific question into the system which searches the existing database of FAQs to answer questions immediately.

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New Questions Answered Effectively

New questions are routed to relevant staff who can select from available standard response templates or write effective responses.

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Browse or Search Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors are able to easily browse or search through the most popular questions that have been asked and have answers already available.

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Publish Text, Video, and Image Answers

Your support staff is able to publish answers in a number of different formats including text, videos, and images to provide the most effective solutions.

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Features List

  • Advanced Contact Form
  • Manage Multiple Inquiry Types
  • Advanced Inquiry Recognition
  • Automated FAQ/Answer Suggest
  • New Inquiry Distribution
  • Email Support Correspondence
  • Text / Video / Image Responses
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Single User Authentication
  • AJAX Enhanced Functionality
  • Multilingual Platform
  • Custom Development Available
  • New FAQs Publishing
  • FAQ Relevance Rating/Ordering
  • Browse FAQs by Category or Tags
  • FAQ Search and Filtering
  • Advanced Search Technologies
  • FAQ Voting and Ranking
  • FAQ Comments Submission
  • Automatic URL Link Conversion
  • Detailed System Analytics
  • System Widgets and Buttons
  • Custom Widgets
  • Personalized RSS

Administration System Features

  • Contact Form Customization
  • Manage/Edit/Delete Inquiries
  • Inquiry Reassignment
  • Automated Inquiry Distribution
  • Email Inquiry to Associate
  • Email History Log
  • Save Notes About Inquiries
  • Inquiry Disposition Assignment
  • Available Answer Search
  • Inquiry Response Voting
  • Category/Tag Management
  • Standard Response Library
  • Define Featured FAQs
  • Web Based Platform
  • Manage/Edit/Delete FAQs
  • Schedule FAQ Reviews
  • Tag FAQs with Keywords
  • Role Based Admin Settings
  • Assign Reps by Category/Tag
  • Advanced Search Technology
  • Detailed Analytics & Reports
  • Staff Performance Reporting
  • Reporting Date Comparisons
  • Export Reports (PDF or CSV)
  • Edit Notification Settings
  • Translation Management
  • Secure Admin SSL Encryption

Not an enterprise level client?

We provide a very powerful and economical Q&A platform through that you can launch all on your own in just minutes! In order to effectively service clients who may not be large enough to justify an enterprise level solution, we've recently launched Answerbase that provides a powerful Q&A system for websites and blogs at all levels.

Visit for more information on this product and how you can get your own Q&A site today.