Text, Video and Images

Experts are able to submit answers in a number of different formats including text, videos, and images. This allows users to communicate effectively using a variety of communication methods including lists, charts, diagrams, instructional videos, etc. in order to effectively respond to questions.

With an intuitive answer toolbar, experts are able to easily submit text, videos, images or a combination of all of them to effectively answer each question.

  • Easily link text to relevant URLs
  • Select a photo from another site or upload your own
  • Simply insert the embed tag to include a video as a response
  • Field is available to identify any sources used to supply the answer

As experts answer the question using all of the different elements, they are able to view the information as it will be displayed for the community so they can assure their response communicates clearly. Upon the submission of each solution, the experts also have the ability to edit each answer if they feel something can be better communicated or reorganized in a way that will better contribute to the solution.

Not an enterprise level client?

We provide a very powerful and economical Q&A platform through Answerbase.com that you can launch all on your own in just minutes! In order to effectively service clients who may not be large enough to justify an enterprise level solution, we've recently launched Answerbase that provides a powerful Q&A system for websites and blogs at all levels.

Visit Answerbase.com for more information on this product and how you can get your own Q&A site today.