Find Relevant Experts

Experts on the system are ranked and evaluated according to their contributions, and are showcased in the areas where they have a particular expertise. Users are able to browse through all of the experts in order to find individuals that may be able to better help them in the future.

Each expert has a detailed profile where users can view their skillsets as well as general information about that user including "About Me" text, point totals, rankings, lists of the questions they"ve answered, list of questions they've asked, etc. System administrators are also able to feature experts throughout the system, allowing valuable experts within the community can be effectively recognized and showcased.

  • Browse each expert's fields of expertise
  • View each expert's contributions to the community
  • Ask experts direct questions
  • Showcase valuable experts throughout the system

The system is constructed so that experts are effectively recognized and rewarded, given them the incentive to continue making valuable contributions in the future.

Not an enterprise level client?

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