Frequent Questions Answered Automatically

Each user is able to ask their specific question into the system. The application dynamically searches the existing database of questions and answers available, and recognizes if the question has been asked and answered before. This allows the application to display the previously answered question and the user can view the solution immediately instead of having to wait for a response.

The support platform is built so that your company is able to save time, money and resources by reducing the amount of duplicated work involved with answering common questions. Our system recognizes frequently asked questions and displays the available answers to users immediately, so their issues are addressed automatically without a support representative having to get involved.

  • Identifies and addresses questions that already have available answers
  • Users' issues are addressed immediately, without having to wait
  • Common questions are answered once, saving time and resources
  • Answer database is continuously grown, constantly saving more resources

Not an enterprise level client?

We provide a very powerful and economical Q&A platform through that you can launch all on your own in just minutes! In order to effectively service clients who may not be large enough to justify an enterprise level solution, we've recently launched Answerbase that provides a powerful Q&A system for websites and blogs at all levels.

Visit for more information on this product and how you can get your own Q&A site today.